Website Security: why is it so important?

Last decade has had a great evolution in technology field and businesses are developing their strategies according this aspect. But, with the emerging technologies, the attacks to bypass security measures taken by the security experts have developed too. Most of the time, hackers attack businesses websites making them unavailable for the customers to access to, or even worst stealing their data when they fill out a bussines form.

So why is important to strengthen security measures for your website?

  1. Wesbsite attacks are very common
  2. Websites have been attacked by hackers since the emergence of the internet. Over the years, with growing security measures, their tactics have improved too. In 2016, it was reported by Google that the amount of website hacks had gone up by more than 30% over the previous year. A successful hacking attack can result in your website being blacklisted form top search engines. Currently, every week Google blacklists around 20,000 websites for malware and around 50,000 for phishing. Most companies and business owners believe that website hacking won’t happen to them, but the statistics have proved that an attack is very common.

  3. Every website is prone to attack
  4. Website hackers don’t plan and hack any website or business. The process of hacking is random. Hackers target their prospects by broadly searching for common vulnerabilities. A study by Symantec, says that over the last 3-4 years more than 75% of the websites which were scanned contained unpatched vulnerabilities. Almost 15% were deemed to be critical. This is not good news for small business owners as they might be thinking that a hacker won’t waste time hacking into small operations. Whereas the truth is that hackers will try to attack and gain access to any website they are able to penetrate. Therefore businesses and companies need to make sure that someone is watching over their website, ensure that all the components are up to date and continuously keep updating their firewall software.

  5. Your reputation could be risked
  6. Smart business owners very well know that one gets very few chances to make a good impression or to build a strong reputation. If a prospective customer visits your website and a virus or some malware is downloads in their device, be assured they won’t revisit your website anytime soon. There are chances that a customer may never reach your website, as many web browsers warn a customer before they enter any infected website. This warning is good enough to scare away your customers. Having up-to-date website security minimize this possibility of losing your customer. If you have a professional company or person managing your website security at all times, it adds a degree of professionalism to your website.

  7. Once you are in the blacklist, can not recover anytime soon
  8. A good reputation among your loyal customers is important, but it is equally important to build it among your potential new customers. Most consumers find businesses or products through a search engine, like google. As a website owner, your top priority should be to maintain and improve your relationship and reputation with these search engines. Once a hacker enters a website, most search engines come to know about it. They immediately blacklist that website, basically preventing prospective new customers from finding your website in their search results. Once blacklisted, a website will lose almost 95% of its original traffic. This can result in serious damage to both revenue and sales. Recovering from a blacklist is extremely difficult, it is just like rebuilding an image. As the web administrator, you would require each server individually to remove you from blacklist, once the website is secure again. Getting yourself removed from the blacklist is a time-consuming and expensive affair. This can be easily avoided by implementing up to date security measures.

  9. What do experts say?
  10. Majority of the experts in the field believe that preventative action is much more valuable than recovery. Most of the times taking preventative action is a difficult and challenging task, but it is critical for maintaining a good reputation and image in the digital bussines world. While all this may sound complex and difficult to you, you are not required to understand each and every little detail. A talented software professional knows that hackers are always changing their techniques. A professional will adjust his counter strategy accordingly and manage the situation. So the best practice, is to consult a security web expert to implement the right measures. In this way, you will have a greater chance to maintain a good reputation, expand your business to new customers and keep your data safe.